12 Signs Your Hair Needs Deep Conditioning ASAP

Your hair often sends clear distress signals when it desperately needs extra care, particularly through deep conditioning. Whether due to environmental stressors, heat styling, or chemical treatments, your hair’s plea for help can manifest in various noticeable signs. Not addressing these concerns promptly may result in further, potentially irreversible damage.

Here’s how to recognize when your hair is on the brink and needs a rejuvenating deep conditioning treatment.

  1. Dry Strands

If your hair feels brittle and each strand resembles a straw more than silk, it’s time for deep conditioning. Dry hair lacks moisture, which a good conditioning treatment can replenish. When you moisturize hair properly, it feels soft and smooth. Deep conditioning helps infuse your hair with necessary hydration, often incorporating ingredients like natural oils, butter, and other hydrating agents that restore moisture effectively.

  1. Dullness

Dull hair that doesn’t shine under light is crying out for moisture. Deep conditioners restore shine and revive your hair’s innate glossiness. The nutrients and oils in deep conditioners coat the hair shaft, reflecting light better and making your hair appear vibrant and full of life. Beyond just aesthetic benefits, it also fosters your hair’s overall health and wellness.

  1. Frizziness

When hair becomes frizzy, it’s often because the cuticle layer of your hair is roughened up, indicating dryness and damage. Deep conditioning smooths these cuticles, reducing frizz and more manageable hair. This treatment penetrates deep into the hair shaft to nourish and repair, helping to seal the cuticles and provide a smoother surface that controls frizz and flyaway.

  1. Tangled Tresses

If you notice your hair knots more than usual, or it’s tough to comb through after washing, it likely needs more slip from a deep conditioner. It will ease detangling and reduce breakage during styling. Deep conditioners typically contain slip-enhancing ingredients like silicones or natural oils, which coat the hair and make it easier to manage, thereby minimizing damage from physical stress.

  1. Split Ends

The frequent split ends is a telltale sign that your hair lacks moisture and protein, which can be delivered through a deep conditioning treatment. These treatments often contain protein, temporarily repairing and strengthening the hair’s ends, helping prevent future splits.

  1. High Porosity

Hair that absorbs moisture quickly but loses it just as fast is considered highly porous and can benefit significantly from regular deep conditioning to maintain its moisture balance. Deep conditioners help fill in the gaps and holes in the hair cuticle that contribute to high porosity, improving moisture retention and providing better hydration control.

  1. Excessive Hair Fall

While it’s normal to lose some hair, noticing an increase in hair fall when brushing or washing could signal that your hair needs strengthening treatments provided by deep conditioners. These formulations often enhance the hair’s resilience, reducing breakage and fall by fortifying the hair fiber from within.

  1. Lack of Elasticity

Healthy hair has an excellent stretch to it. If your hair snaps easily when pulled, it’s a clear indicator that it lacks elasticity, which you can improve with protein-based deep conditioners. Through their action on the protein structure, these products promote greater flexibility in your hair, reducing the risk of breakage when subjected to strain.

  1. Rough Texture

When your hair feels rough or coarse, it’s because it lacks sufficient moisture to keep it smooth. A hydrating deep conditioner can restore this, giving your hair a softer feel. With their potent moisturizing properties, shea butter and coconut oil are staples in these treatments, ensuring your hair receives the nourishment it needs.

  1. Reactivity to Weather

If your hair becomes unmanageable with every change in humidity or temperature, it’s a sign that it’s not well-protected. Deep conditioning can help by sealing the cuticle and locking in moisture, making your hair less reactive to environmental changes and easier to style.

  1. Color Fading

For those who color their hair, quick fading can indicate that your hair’s health is compromised, making it unable to hold onto the color. Deep conditioning treatments can restore the integrity of your hair and help retain color longer by reinforcing the hair’s cuticle. This outermost layer is responsible for holding in color molecules.

  1. Heat Styling Woes

If your hair no longer styles well with heat tools, or you notice it getting more damaged after each session, it’s a vital sign that it needs the therapeutic benefits of deep conditioning treatments. Regular deep conditioning can provide a protective layer over your hair, reducing the damage caused by heat styling and helping your hair maintain its health and vibrancy.


Addressing your hair’s specific concerns through appropriate treatments, such as deep conditioning, is essential for promoting its health and radiance. Each of the signs listed above indicates a cry for help from your hair. Maintaining your hair’s health goes beyond appearance – it’s about providing it with the nourishment it needs to thrive. Be proactive in your hair care approach to prevent damage before it’s too late. This approach ensures your hair remains beautiful, solid, and healthy in the long run. Ready to transform your hair? Book your deep conditioning treatment at Golden Crown Hair Salon LLC today!

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